Customer Servises

Customer complaint handling.
The authority has an independent Public Relation section that deals with all activities concerning customer care. The section is responsible for receiving customer complaints and channel them into respective offices, and then verification of complaints attended is done to check customers’ satisfaction. The section also carries out opinions & surveys to get some customer opinions so as to improve the service, and for this year the survey was done at March 2016. Areas that were cemented to get opinions were-; water quality, affordability to pay, Service hours, customer participation, perception on bills payment through mobiles, SMS billing and awareness programme in general.

Toll free calls has been distributed to street Executive Officers, WEOs, TUWASA notice board and some other Government office notice Boards for easier communication with customers.
Through complaint handling procedures a total of 1083 complaints were received though 915 were for lack of water and the rest were for other issues like Bills, also 510 leakages was reported at TUWASA office and all these complaints were resolved. 
Currently the Authority embarked on strategic control of complains through a number of measures some of which are as follows:

  1. Community awareness through Radio, streets, wards and councilors meetings.
  2. Re categorization of employees where by most of engineers are Zonal managers for 5 zones of A,B,C,D and E
  3. Formation of Special Task Force Groups to identify and deal with leakages in zonal wise.
  4. Centralize complaints receiving point and verification of attended customer complaints
  5. The use of Toll free call for our customers to report water issues
  6. Communication through local radios, conferences, house to house survey, fliers, and nane nane events.

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Tuwasa takes care of its customers by providing quality services which meets customer needs, expectations and satisfaction in accordance with Tuwasa Customer Service Charter(Click here to download). This Customer Service Charter is known by customers and briefly explains every party’s right and responsibilities.

So as to take this charter seriously we have specific ways of monitoring, evaluation and reporting. We do verify the complaints attended by communicating with a customer after receiving it then we provide weekly reports for internal use, also Quarterly reports about the charter implementation for other stake holders to increase transparency as well as annual reports for other Bodies.

We will continue do our best to improve awareness of customer service charter to our customers in different ways such as when we conduct meetings with them, printing and distribution of charter copies to ward executive officers and also during exhibitions such as Nane Nane we can provide simple fliers that explain the charter
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