Clean water

Tabora Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (TUWASA) is an Autonomous water utility authorized to Supply Clean water and Sanitation services in Tabora municipality.

Igombe Low Lift Intake and Pump Station
Water from the dam, is drawn by low lift intake, the intake has provision for three submersible pumps, each with rated capacity of 480 m3 at 24 m - head, with a  motor capacity of 50kW, 490 m3 at 24 m – head, with a motor capacity of 45kwh and another pump of 700 m3 h with motor capacity of 75 kWh are installed.Water from the dam is pumped via a DI pipe of 400 mm at a distance of 104 m, to treatment plant, with a treatment capacity of 15,000 m3 day. For the completed (WSDP) project another capacity of 15,000 m3 day treatment plant has been constructed to reach the production of 30,000 m day.

Igombe Treatment Plant
Raw water from the intake is pumped to the treatment plant comprises the following unit operations:- Coagulation with Alum, Flocculation, clarification through an Upward flow clarifier, rapid filtration (4 Nos pressure filters) and chlorination by Calcium Hypochlorite solution. Water from the treatment plant are of variable quality, with good quality during the rainy season and poor quality during the dry season due to the development of algae caused by high decomposition of organic matters as a result of sunlight..

Treated water gravitates to either the existing water sump, near by the high lift station or through the newly converted storage tanks, ready to be pumped to Tabora town. The project under WSDP program, rehabilitates the existing treatment plant to its full design capacity also constructed a new treatment plant of capacity 15,000m3/day. The project completed on  31 March 2016 and now its still under Defect Liability Period (DLP).
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Water Treatment Method and Chemical Consumption
The main treatment method used is Coagulation by Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) and disinfection
using Calcium hypochlorite. Residual chlorine is regularly monitored in some selected critical points to ensure the standard chlorine residual of 0.2mg /liter remains in the system to protect and /or prevent contamination of water on the way

Igombe High Lifts Pump Station
The high lift pump station that pumps water from the sump to Tabora town consists of four pumps with pumping capacities of 380 m3 and two pumps of capacity 180 m3 each. The pumps have a pumping head ranging from 140 m3 to 188 m3 pumping at Kazeh hill storage tanks. Normally three pumps are on duty and other one on standby.